Our Story

Sassi, Inc. was born out of sheer love for establishing your brand and voice.

After years in the New York City agency and film world, jumping off with no fear, we wanted to provide a more intimate environment based on trust, honesty, loyalty and purpose. Sassi, Inc. are Creatives with a Conscience.

To this day, we love every aspect of the branding, social media, film and the entire conceptual process. Active listening allows for a seamless communication and creative execution. Our love for what we do and working together transcends throughout all endeavors. Let's get started.

About Us

We are an idea factory where intuition is coveted, creative plots are born, passionate ideas take wild twists & turns, and the electricity never goes out...

We believe in 360 degrees of Creative Direction. Our contagious energy and innovation allows us to tell our client's stories and craft their experiences into brands. We value positivity, transparency and integrity. We dive in and translate the soul of your message for Branding and Identity, Campaigns for CSR
(Corporate Social Responsibility) Initiatives & Philanthropy, Non-For Profit, Ideation, Digital, Traditional and Non Traditional Advertising.

If you love what you do, the rest will follow. We lay it all on the table. Mind map it out. Trust our inuition and push the envelope to craft our clients stories.  We collectively come together with our clients to ensure that the creative process is one that not only is a fulfilling one, but catapults their brand alongside their audience. We pride ourselves on the many creative we have put forth for our clients in the Corporate, Professional Athletics, Philanthropy, CSR, Environmental to Entertainment worlds. Whether you are Branding, Rebranding, Launching or implementing strategic elements, we have you covered.


Sassi Inc. "Crafting your stories and experiences into brands."