Creative Rut

Far too often people come to me on creative endeavors, flustered that they are stuck. For example, they embark on a book and the ideas simply cease! They are completely perplexed and flustered. They almost panic and become frantic and ask me what can they have to do to become productive.

Being a complete abstract random, I can tell you that I understand that creativity and imagination is a process. These epiphanies hit me over the head at 2am while I am sleeping or while I am driving with my two boys, fighting over the Spiderman figurine in the back of the car.

My advice to them stems from understanding that it is most important to stop and breathe. Not to feel flustered. Do not pressure yourself into uselessness.  No one can be productive by handicapping himself or herself into sheer panic.

Know that empowerment is the best tool in your arson. You have what it takes!

A friend of mine had left the corporate world to get intouch with her creative side.  The first obstacle she hit was the mounting frustration she felt she had to produce, something, and anything! My advice was simple. It is a process. Do not pressure yourself to put forth all the relevant information, big ideas, epiphanies, concepts, in one sitting. I suggested that she unleash her mind and simply let the process of her work flow naturally.  Your masterpiece will gain traction when you step away from yourself and allow yourself to flow freely.

No matter what industry you leaped into, stayed in, moved up in, one thing is for certain. Positivity and knowing you can accomplish anything is key. Allowing you to undergo a process of development is apart of growth. Staying open to ideas and changes keeps us accelerating and empowered.